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• 6 months ago
Like Tony Robbins, Bruce Lee, and Alexander the Great combined ⚡️Mind, Body, Spirit. ⚡️TikTok (70k+) ⚡️Holistic Wellness, Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovator
Most effective workout split for results (from my experience) Upper x Lower strength (M, T) Body weight x mobility (W) Upper x Lower volume (Tr, F) Bodyweight x mobility (S) Cardio (Su) Lifting days take 1-1.25 hr Bodyweight/mobility less than 1 hr Strong, aesthetic, athletic. All around... weapon #tips #fitness #workout
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   Body: "Most effective workout split for results (from my experience)\nUpper x Lower strength (M, T)\nBody weight x mobility (W)\nUpper x Lower volume (Tr, F)\nBodyweight x mobility (S)\nCardio (Su)\n\nLifting days take 1-1.25 hr \nBodyweight/mobility less than 1 hr\n\nStrong, aesthetic, athletic. All around... weapon\n\n#tips #fitness #workout ",
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