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Welcome Angel of @CloutAngel family Dear newcomers who passed Liveness Test, Welcome Home! 🎉✨ The WelcomeAngel🪙coin is out of sale, You can only get it for special reasons
Newcomers who passed Basic @CloutAngel Liveness test: @Akoriuah, @Avadoll, @BitcoinBank, @ChenSara, @CoinVault, @Djiaurn, @Djiuruah, @Egorsema, @Floridaclout, @FrancisSuarez, @Guruprasad, @Hdakcune, @Jannat_Rahmani, @Kfoiruan, @Kodiura, @Magicmarket Welcome home!
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   PostHashHex: "b0c0192c35478d608881f5cc58c0b7e3ada920ecc68bcc38a0b0722ecee6cb84",
   PosterPublicKeyBase58Check: "BC1YLft2jpUQruiYaDsguJJ8xhi3zj5uQKwLULD9hbB37hgJtwbBMFK",
   ParentStakeID: "",
   Body: "Newcomers who passed Basic @CloutAngel Liveness test: @Akoriuah, @Avadoll, @BitcoinBank, @ChenSara, @CoinVault, @Djiaurn, @Djiuruah, @Egorsema, @Floridaclout, @FrancisSuarez, @Guruprasad, @Hdakcune, @Jannat_Rahmani, @Kfoiruan, @Kodiura, @Magicmarket Welcome home!",
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   CreatorBasisPoints: 1000,
   StakeMultipleBasisPoints: 12500,
   TimestampNanos: 1622940790189263600,
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   ConfirmationBlockHeight: 31705,
   InMempool: false,
   ProfileEntryResponse: {
      PublicKeyBase58Check: "BC1YLft2jpUQruiYaDsguJJ8xhi3zj5uQKwLULD9hbB37hgJtwbBMFK",
      Username: "WelcomeAngel",
      Description: "Welcome Angel of @CloutAngel family\nDear newcomers who passed Liveness Test, Welcome Home! 🎉✨\n\nThe WelcomeAngel🪙coin is out of sale, You can only get it for special reasons",
      IsHidden: false,
      IsReserved: false,
      IsVerified: false,
      Comments: null,
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      CoinEntry: {
         CreatorBasisPoints: 10000,
         DeSoLockedNanos: 154975011,
         NumberOfHolders: 1434,
         CoinsInCirculationNanos: 5371395443,
         CoinWatermarkNanos: 6184395443,
         BitCloutLockedNanos: 154975011
      DAOCoinEntry: {
         NumberOfHolders: 0,
         CoinsInCirculationNanos: "0x0",
         MintingDisabled: false,
         TransferRestrictionStatus: "unrestricted"
      CoinPriceDeSoNanos: 86555734,
      CoinPriceBitCloutNanos: 86555734,
      UsersThatHODL: null,
      IsFeaturedTutorialWellKnownCreator: false,
      IsFeaturedTutorialUpAndComingCreator: false
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