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update #1 for the video created for the NFTs2Space mission

to help promote the NFTs, the mission, and the DESO blockchain- and me, @kitty4D~
our NFTs went to space on February 16, 2022!

Post Made on DESO Blockchain, February 16, 2022

✨ View the Post Here on ✨ NFTs2Space, let's meet our crew here's the super fun version, music is not kid-friendly so PARENTSBEWARE, higher-res version with plain copyright-free music coming later this took sooo long lol and i know everyone's name pretty well now too my computer did not enjoy so many animated GIFs getting put inside the video LOL sorry lionpride/PXP the file had lionpride_PXP if you tell me which username to put i'll update it before i make the higher res version @ChaseSteely @JoinForces @4down @100 @AlexToma @BadSanta @BeerBuds @BirthBlockNFT @BunnyIcon @Cansy @CLOUT_COCKS @Crypto_Viking @DeSoTrollz @disruptepreneur @DutchBihary @Flesymffo @FrenchConnector @Gatherer @GDS @GOOSIES @illuMEMEnati @InfraredArtist @IZY @JamesBarrett @jkey @jodybossert @kanshi @katwolfie @LionPride @PXP @Matreshka @MechellLord @menajem @Metazens @NaderHeads @NATALIART @NathanFrame @NFThree @NickKasmik @OctoPosse @ohlala @Otherwhere @paulmp @Pixelangelo @Rhynelf @Scrutinize @StarGeezer @sumor @Swafs @Transgenderland @Wildography @znmead