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17 years old Investor and entrepreneur Owner of 7 companies Projects: @DeSoForBeginners @CloutStarterFund @RugRisk_SCAM_ALERT @CreatorEmpowerment @BitcloutArgentina @ArgentinaDonationFUnd @GlobalDonationFund Brands: @VukCLothes @VukSuits @VukSunglasses πŸ”₯2022 GoalsπŸ”₯ πŸš€ $100k πŸš€ with over 10 sales a day πŸš€ completely autonomous πŸš€ All 9 business working steadily πŸš€ $1M+ profits on πŸš€ DeSo goes mainstream πŸš€ $10k+ coinprice πŸš€ Collection 1 of@WrinkledPugs sold πŸš€ All @WrinkledPugs collectioins sold out πŸš€ @WrinkledPugs shooting game finished πŸš€ @VukSunglasses launch with PLA 3d sunglasses and goes mainstream
Alright guys leaving to school now I have gym 😜 But coming back home to work in about 2 hours
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   Body: "Alright guys leaving to school now\n\nI have gym 😜\n\nBut coming back home to work in about 2 hours",
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      Description: "17 years old \n\nInvestor and entrepreneur\n\nOwner of 7 companies\n\nProjects:\n\n@DeSoForBeginners\n@CloutStarterFund\n@RugRisk_SCAM_ALERT\n@CreatorEmpowerment\n@BitcloutArgentina\n@ArgentinaDonationFUnd\n@GlobalDonationFund\n\nBrands:\n\n@VukCLothes\n@VukSuits\n@VukSunglasses\n\nπŸ”₯2022 GoalsπŸ”₯\n\nπŸš€ $100k\nπŸš€ with over 10 sales a day\nπŸš€ completely autonomous\nπŸš€ All 9 business working steadily\nπŸš€ $1M+ profits on\nπŸš€ DeSo goes mainstream\nπŸš€ $10k+ coinprice\nπŸš€ Collection 1 of@WrinkledPugs sold\nπŸš€ All @WrinkledPugs collectioins sold out\nπŸš€ @WrinkledPugs shooting game finished\nπŸš€ @VukSunglasses launch with PLA 3d sunglasses and goes mainstream",
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