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just my adventures with the blockchain, web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs
Developer, Content Creator, NFT Hodler, Degen, Former Camgirl
aka @Kitty4DHD, @kitty4Do, $kitty4d

😎❤️‍🔥 welcome to the blockchain party ❤️‍🔥😎

hey, it's me, kitty4D - i'm a content creator on web3 / blockchain social media, i like crypto and make nfts. i also think they are scammy and silly and i'm not afraid to say what i think~

i'm also a developer. i'm making this site using 11ty.js, though i was more accustomed to using a server-side language when i started - so it has been a fun learning experience. i'm also NOT a designer - and that's been the most difficult part of getting this site up! but i am getting better already!

i am really interested in web3 and blockchain stuff. when i started out making this site, i had much bigger aspirations for it. i wasn't sure if i was going to find good work in web3 doing development, and thought i might need to focus primarily on making content. and i love making content, but i'm totally not trained for it, and like having it as a hobby. but i did find work, and so i never got to do all of the things i originally intended. the site works though so it's not like i'm going to just take it down. plus, all my content i post on the deso blockchain gets pulled into this site when i trigger rebuilds, so that's kinda cool!

at some point, i'm going to start putting some focus on SOLANA, since that's where i spend most of my time now. showcase my NFTs, link to projects/DAOs i'm involved with in some way, etc. someday!!


i started making like a full feed of DESO posts, i gotta strip out bad data soon but just figured I'd throw it up for now. and i'd like to try to organize it in some fashion, too. note that i am running ads from google, it's kind of an experiment. i run ad blockers, though i have them turned off for my site lol. i guess it could help me if you turn yours off, but probably not much so don't worry about it ahaha.

view just like a massive amount of DESO posts for kicks