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just my adventures with the blockchain, web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs
Developer, Content Creator, Former Camgirl
aka @kitty4Do, $kitty4d

😎❤️‍🔥 welcome to the blockchain party ❤️‍🔥😎

hey, it's me, kitty4D - i'm a content creator on web3 / blockchain social media, i like crypto and make nfts. i also think they are scammy and silly and i'm not afraid to say what i think~

i'm also a developer. i'm making this site using 11ty.js, though i'm more accustomed to using a server-side language - but that makes it a fun learning experience. i'm also NOT a designer, and that's been the most difficult part of getting this site up! but i am getting better already!

the original plan was to create a bunch of tutorials about using the DESO blockchain, primarily targeting content creators but also other types of users, and developers also. however, there has been no support that i've found from the people running the "foundation" supporting the blockchain or the primary sites. so, i'm just going to worry about real work, and stick to just being a content creator in my spare time. so this site will have all of the cool stuff that i make. i also host quite a lot of the blockchain content, but i'm running ads with that content. but now i'm working with real blockchains for work so this is totally a site for fun stuff.

i think it's still fun to create content on DESO. HIVE seems like a better blockchain with a better ecosystem, but it's a bit tougher to get into. maybe i'll look into doing tutorials for it one day. are these places a bit scammy? well, DESO is certainly built for scamming. that doesn't mean the people running it are necessarily trying to scam anyone. they don't seem to be that concerned with maintaining communication very well, though occasionally they will act like it for a few days. that's a big red flag to me, since communication is super simple and since it is a blockchain FOR social media, you'd expect some social behavior from the top. but again, it's fun, i haven't put any money into it, so i wouldn't exactly advise anyone to do anything different.


I started making like a full feed of DESO posts, I gotta strip out bad data soon but just figured I'd throw it up for now.

view just like a massive amount of DESO posts for kicks