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video created for the NFTs2Space mission

to help promote the NFTs, the mission, and the DESO blockchain- and me, @kitty4D~
our NFTs went to space on February 16, 2022!

Post Made on DESO Blockchain, February 14, 2022

✨ View the Post Here on ✨ i made a thing for NFTs2Space @ChaseSteely @JoinForces @katwolfie @jkey @Otherwhere @Wildography @Matreshka @nathanwells @Metazens @NFThree @GDS @Gatherer @CLOUT_COCKS @BadSanta @BitBoss @DeSoTrollz @4down will update with more NFTs, looks like i also might have used the same DeSoTrollz image twice, doh @deso @Dylanjaggerlee @AlexValaitis @100 @nader @TeamDeSo boom~