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2021-04-11 Gaming Experiences Powered by: Opensource gaming for a decentralized world. We are ZombieXolo @3MFI Fund.
Own Shares of the house! Your coin, is our gamble in your value. Buy a share of the house [$2]. We buy [1] share of you [$2]. Multiple tickets: You Own More of the House. Top Performers receive total value of the 43 loosers coins in our wallet on Draw Day. WED/SAT every week.
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   Body: "Own Shares of the house!\nYour coin, is our gamble in your value.\nBuy a share of the house [$2]. \nWe buy [1] share of you [$2].\nMultiple tickets: You Own More of the House.\nTop Performers receive total value of the 43 loosers coins in our wallet on Draw Day. \nWED/SAT every week.  ",
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