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• 1 month ago
As a fine artist, I seek for connections between digital art and traditional art through an abstract and impressionistic way.
#007 - đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo
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      "Collection Name": "đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo",
      Description: "đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCos - Decentralized Social Coupons\n\n100 unique Diamond NFTs make up this collection, as frames of a 360 degree rotating 3d animation.\nThe diamonds rotate in a circle, becoming a complete whole and infinite, symbolizing the decentralized social blockchain.\n\nIf you own one of these diamonds, you can buy at a discount from my Deso NFTs:\n\n1 đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo = 5% discount on my DeSo NFTs\n2 đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo = 10% discount on my DeSo NFTs\n3 đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo = 15% discount on my DeSo NFTs\n\n- A maximum of 15% discount is available.\n- I will send you back the difference after purchase.\n- Valid for all my primary NFTs forever on DeSo!\n- The đź’ŽDiamondđź’ŽDeSoCo NFTs' prices will double after 10 minting.\n\nPs.: These coupons are valid for all collections associated with me, not just NFTs linked to my account.",
      Edition: "#100",
      Node: "12"
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