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ART and sketches from Ukraine @ShadeFlowers - is art project And this is drawing blog ✅ Verified by @DeSocialWorld ✅ Verified by @supernovas ✅ @VerifiedProfile ➡ See also @FunnyCoins, @DiamondSnowflake, @UnencryptedClout, @ShadeFlowersWallet My DAO
That feeling when I'm alone in this list.
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         MarkdownDescription: "# About Shade Flowers project\nThis project was launched on June 2, **2018**. That is, the Shade Flowers has existed for over **4 years**.\n\nThis is a graphic project, which initially had to specialize in line art of flowers and portraits. The vast majority of all drawings were performed using an ordinary computer mouse. Some of the created drawings became prints on cups.\n\nThis project started as a hobby. Now it has become a little bigger than a hobby.\n\nYou can find the original page of the project on Instagram:\\n\n# What are we creating now?\nLinear drawings. Female portraits. Drawings of flowers. Brushes for Photoshop. Layouts of NFT banknotes. Funny coins. Layouts for printing on cups, T-shirts, bags. And other.\n\n# What are the achievements?\n- Over 500 unique drawings have been created\n- More than 2700 NFT has been mined on DESO\n- More than 2000 copies of various NFTs were donated \n- Unique NFT banknotes for DESO have been created\n- More than 100 NFTs were sold\n- Made more than 23,000 posts, replies, reposts on DESO\n- During the year on the bitclout Shade Flowers was able to collect more than 60 DESOs\n- **Part of received DESOs were transferred to needs of the Ukrainian army, which is resisting the Russian occupiers**\n\n# What are the benefits of Shade Flowers DAO?\n- Ability to receive special NFTs for support\n- Ability to order special versions of NFTs\n- Voting for future works of the project\n- Participation in limited auctions\n\nThe benefits can expand over time.\n\n# How to get Shade Flowers DAO coins?\n1. Project DAO coins can be obtained as a reward for purchasing NFT. The amount of DAO received will correspond to the NFT price in DESO. For example, buying NFT for 1 DESO you will get 1 DAO.\n\nEarly buyers of my NFTs, who have made investments, donations and purchases of more than 2 DESOs, will receive special \"NFT artifacts\" that will increase the number of DAOs received. Followers who have always supported me will also benefit. But the number of \"artifacts\" will be limited.\n\n2. **You can exchange your Shade Flowers Creator Coins for Shade Flowers DAO coins.**  If you send me ShadeFlowers CC you will receive ShadeFlowers DAO at the rate of DESO.  Now course 2.04 DESO for 1 ShadeFlowers CC. That is, returning 1 CC you get 2.04 DAO. \n\n# What are these funds for?\n1. Support and involvement of artists from Ukraine.\n2. Part of the funds received from donations and sales will be donated to charity. In particular, to help refugees and to purchase equipment for Ukrainian soldiers. We have already made similar donations. Despite the difficult times and circumstances. There are contacts of reliable volunteers who deal with such issues. \n3. Purchase of equipment. Since the working PC and equipment remained in Ukraine, the project requires the purchase of a powerful laptop. Software. Purchase a camera. (The project really needs a good camera) Hard drive for storing materials and photos. And also the project finally needs a graphics tablet.\n4. Some of the women who became prototypes of Shade Flowers drawings are now in difficult circumstances. We hope to send some of the funds to help them.\n5. Work space. The project now exists outside of Ukraine. And these are forced circumstances. ShadeFlowers needs a cozy place and time for creativity. The resources available now will not be enough.\n6. There are plans to increase the project team.\n7. Purchase of equipment for the production of original cups, T-shirts and bags. This is an unattainable dream. But it could take the project to a new level.\n\nAs you can see, there are many areas.\n\n# P.S.\nThese are all my initial thoughts and \"roadmap\" about my DAO. I hope they get support.\n\n\n\n",
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